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Allen Edmonds’ ‘Gone in Seconds’ online promotion


Port Washington, Wis. -- Allen Edmonds, the 93-year-old premium men’s shoe brand, is embracing the digital age.

The company is offering its first-ever “Factory Seconds” flash sale on its web site. The seven-day-long sale starts June 26 and ends on July 2.

“Our quality standards are incredibly high; and because over 100 craftspeople touch every shoe as it’s being cut, sewn, lasted, soled, burnished and finished — we have a small percentage of shoes that don’t meet our exacting standards but come very close,” said Jim Kass, head of manufacturing. “At Allen Edmonds, we refer to these blemishes as ‘Factory Seconds’, or F2s.”

The flash sale will include a range of styles, although sizes, colors and inventory amounts are limited. Prices will be offered at a discount of almost 50% off first quality pricing and substantially below standard outlet pricing.

“The pricing makes these shoes affordable to everyone including men starting their careers or in need of their first pair of interview shoes,” said Colin Hall, chief marketing officer. “At these prices, we fully expect the shoes to sell-through quickly, which is why we branded it the “Gone in Seconds Sale.”

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