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All about the iPad


The iPad is an amazing product that offers a wonderful user experience, which is why everyone wants one. It also doesn’t hurt that retailers of all types have become quite aggressive in their promotional efforts on behalf of Apple, since the popular device makes a meaningful contribution to sales in addition to providing those retailers who feature the device with some of that Apple “it” factor.

The iPad and now the iPad 2 mesh perfectly with Target’s brand positioning and offer insight into why the retailer has been among the most aggressive promoters of the product since the first iteration of the iPad became available in Target stores last fall.

The company marked that occasion with a full-page image of the iPad on the cover of its circular for the week of Oct. 3 to 9 at a price of $499 for the entry level 16GB Wi-Fi model. A little more than a month later another full page was devoted to the iPad in the circular for the week of Nov. 7 to13. The circular for the week of Dec. 5 to 11 also featured a full page iPad ad and another full page was devoted to the product in Target’s Give Jolly, Save Merrily holiday catalog.

Now, the company is at it again with a full page devoted to the iPad 2 on page 19 of this week’s circular touting the “now at Target” angle. Other retailers are hitting consumers with similar messaging, including Best Buy and even Toys“R”Us. Best Buy featured the iPad 2 on the cover of its weekly ad at the same $499 price as Target, and Toys“R”Us also feature the 16GB, Wi-Fi model for the same price, but only in select stores, the location of which could only be determined by visiting the company’s website.

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