Newegg, Mercari enhance ad targeting with AI

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Mercari and Newegg are using AI to target customers.

Two e-commerce platforms are partnering with a provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-based personalization technology.

Online consumer electronics retailer Newegg and Mercari, a digital marketplace for buying and selling secondhand items, are deploying machine learning (ML)-based Rokt solutions to better present relevant offers to shoppers in the final stages of an ecommerce transaction, when they are most likely to convert.

Following are brief overviews of each e-tailer’s customer targeting initiative:


After its inaugural rollout of  Rokt technology to enhance the post-checkout experience of its customers, Mercari plans to integrate the ML-based customer targeting solution into its mobile, listings, and marketplace transactions." Mercari has more than 50 million downloads in the U.S. and 350,000 new listings are added to its marketplace every day

"We are excited to partner with Rokt to enhance our customers' ecommerce shopping experience," said Harshit Gupta, head of business development at Mercari. "By leveraging Rokt's technology, we will be able to offer our users even more relevant recommendations and create a more personalized shopping journey. This partnership reinforces our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our customers."

In other AI-related activity, Mercari is beta testing a conversational shopping assistant equipped with a next-gen artificial intelligence (AI) solution. The online marketplace is piloting Merchat AI, a customer service chatbot based on ChatGPT technology. ChatGPT interacts with users in a conversational style that mimics human interaction and leverages machine learning (ML) to continually refine and improve its responses.

Customers can now engage in real-time conversations with Merchat AI to discover product recommendations based on their individual needs. The new tool leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to search the millions of items listed on Mercari’s platform in seconds, surfacing real-time recommendations based on specific chat prompts


"As an ecommerce company focused on innovation, we know how important it is to be at the forefront of technology that enhances the customer experience," said Jeff Lin, senior director of business intelligence for Newegg. "Rokt's cutting-edge technology will enable us to deliver targeted offers that align with our customers' unique needs and preferences."

Newegg is actively deploying a variety of AI solutions.  The company is using a combination of natural language processing models to automate the review process for website product description content for all new marketplace product listings.

Newegg’s AI-driven review solution is programmed to analyze text for grammar, spelling and inappropriate words, phrases and trademarked brand names. The tool reviews thousands of new marketplace product listings per day.

In addition, the e-tailer recently rolled out Home Showcase, an interactive online shopping experience for home products. Newegg developed the offering by utilizing AI to improve the visuals and descriptions of products in the assortment. The company used Stable Diffusion AI (a text-to-image AI model) to improve product photos to illustrate features for customers, and ChatGPT to create product descriptions and text on abbreviated quick view pages.

The retailer also utilizes the ChatGPT AI model to continually refine and improve its responses, in a number of key customer-facing areas of its site. These include the PC Builder shopping tool, as well as to optimize text content throughout its website and to transform customer service chat, customer email subject lines, and search engine optimization.

"We are thrilled to partner with two leaders in the ecommerce space, Mercari and Newegg," said Elizabeth Buchanan, chief commercial officer of Rokt. "Our goal at Rokt is to transform the way brands engage with their customers. Together, we will create exceptional customer experiences, deepen brand-consumer connections and drive long-term loyalty."

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