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New clothing rental retailer targets men

Outfitting male shoppers can be a challenge, but a new online clothing rental platform called Taelor is applying a combination of human and artificial intelligence.

Founded by Anya Cheng, a former product manager at Facebook who helped create its social commerce program, recently launched a pilot program for her new company, Taelor. The online men’s clothing rental company aims to help men dress themselves, while also reducing their carbon footprint.

When customers first sign up, they fill out a style questionnaire and then receive a personal consultation with one of Taelor’s stylists. Then the stylists, aided by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, select clothes for the customers based on their sizes and personal preferences. 

The clothes are shipped directly to customers, who can either wear them for two weeks and return them or purchase them for up to 70% off the regular retail price. Customers then receive another box of clothes.

For a flat monthly fee of $59.99 per month, customers get two boxes of shirts per month, which include four shirts in each box. Dry cleaning and shipping is free both ways.

As part of its new pilot program, Taelor is offering a free 30-day trial for anyone who wears size medium shirts who signs up for the monthly membership. Memberships may be canceled at any time. Customers can sign up for the free trial or to be added to a waitlist when more clothing sizes are introduced on the Taelor site.

"Our goal is to provide individuals with stylish, everyday menswear, and help the environment at the same time,” said Cheng. “When you rent clothes instead of buying them, you not only save the time and energy of having to search and shop for clothes, but you also avoid sending unwanted clothes to a landfill. I became such a fan of renting clothes that I haven’t purchased any clothes for myself except for underwear for the past five years. But I realized that none of the clothing rental services really served menswear nor focused on helping people to achieve career or personal goals in their everyday life, and I thought, men should be able to enjoy this service, too; so they can feel ready and confident for their day.” 

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