Midwest sporting goods retailer brings checkout to the customer

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Scheels is equipping store associates with a mobile POS/CRM solution.

The 28-store, North Dakota-based chain is moving to the Oracle Cloud POS system. Working with system integrator BTM Global, Scheels has completed its initial implementation of the cloud-based Oracle Retail Xstore mobile POS platform and Oracle Retail Xstore Office Cloud Service.
By adopting the latest Oracle Xstore release, Scheels is no longer tethering associates to a central register. Associates can now move across departments to guide the customer to more relevant offers and merchandise. 

With Scheels operating stores that measure as much as 250,000-sq.-ft. and feature entertainment attractions such as saltwater aquariums, 45-ft.-tall Ferris Wheels and wildlife taxidermy mountains, mobilizing POS and CRM functions streamlines the shopping experience. In addition, by moving to the cloud, Scheels eases IT updates and upgrades, reduces IT cost long-term, and modernizes infrastructure.

“As a long-standing customer of Oracle and BTM Global, we were happy to work on such a unique cloud project,” said Byron Snider, information services leader, Scheels. “The Scheels leadership team believes that modern technology is critical to enhancing the experience for our associates, customers, and business partners. BTM pushed us to think critically about the solutions, driving the implementation, and providing strategic guidance on what’s best for our business needs as we move towards a checkout model that captures demand at the point of interest.”