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Mega-discounter Crazy Cazboy's puts unique spin on closeout retailing

A bare-boned, no-frills discount retailer is has entered the state of Texas.

Crazy Cazboy's, a membership-based closeout concept that sells everything from food to electronics to sporting goods with prices dependent on the day of the week, has opened a 41,140-sq.-ft. store in Arlington, Texas. It’s the retailer’s fifth location to date, with other sites in Birmingham, Ala.; Guntersville, Ala.; Pensacola, Fla.; and Columbia, S.C.

Based in Birmingham, Ala., Crazy Cazboy's was founded in 2019 by John Cassimus, founder of restaurant chain Zoe’s Kitchen, which operates more than 250 locations. The merchandise lineup changes from week to week. Stores are closed on Thursday to allow for restocking. They reopen on Friday, with everything in the store priced at $7. Leftover product is marked down to $5 on Saturday, with the price decreasing each day after that, all the way down to $0.25 cents on Wednesday. All sales are final, with no returns or exchanges. 

Customers pay $15 for a one-year membership at Crazy Cazboy's, which also has an e-commerce site. There is also a $5 daily membership fee for folks not ready to sign on for the full year. The retailer also operates an e-commerce site, with no membership required.

Crazy Cazboy's stores are colorful if bare-boned, with a Black Friday-like atmosphere. The merchandise, a collection of overstocked and returned name-brand items, is displayed in multiple random bins.  

In a report by Cassimus said the company’s expansion into Texas follows the same footprint he pursued with Zoe’s.

“With the real estate model that we follow, we’re looking for the right landlords,” he said. “Our business model is so unique, we bring in so many people to each location - thousands of customers a week, with some driving 60 to 70 miles to shop. They see us as a unique opportunity to bring traffic like that to a center. So it’s a question of finding landlord partners who understand what we do.”   

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