Macy’s brings wine out of the cellar to your door

Macy’s is replacing its Macy’s Wine Cellar online subscription program with a new online wine store.

The upscale department store chain is partnering with online alcohol delivery platform Drinks to launch Macy’s Wine Shop, a new online wine store available in 40 states and Washington, D.C. Eligible consumers can have wine shipped straight to their doorstep, within one to two days.

Macy’s Wine Shop expands upon the retailer’s previous online wine subscription offering. The new model will allow customers to make friction-free purchases from a broader assortment of international wines, without a subscription. Utilizing the Drinks cloud-based Wine-as-a-Service platform, Macy’s is able to conduct compliant alcohol e-commerce through an API.

Online alcohol delivery is an increasingly popular offering, but more commonly offered by grocery/CPG retailers than department store chains. Kroger sells wine online both by subscription and individual purchase, and other retailers including Sam’s Club and Aldi delivery of alcoholic beverages.

“Customers come to Macy’s to celebrate life’s everyday moments and occasions,” said Stephen Moore, senior VP, general business manager of home, leased and foods at Macy’s. “This digital pairing of Macy’s and Drinks will delight our customers and give them a friction free experience as they shop for delicious wines from the comfort of their homes.” 

“We are honored to be working with Macy’s to power its digital wine shop,” said Zac Brandenberg, co-founder and CEO of Drinks. “Macy’s is an e-commerce leader across multiple categories and we are thrilled to leverage our Wine-as-a-Service platform, providing customers access to wine from the comfort and safety of their home.”

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