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Lululemon in new initiative to advance mental health

Lululemon has launched a new initiative to support mental wellness.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. is diving deeper into physical and mental wellness as it works to remove inequity in wellbeing through movement, mindfulness and advocacy.

The athleisure retailer’s new Centre for Social Impact will unify Lululemon’s existing social impact programs, such as Here to Be, as well as create new programs and wellbeing tools with the goal to positively impact more than 10 million people globally by 2025. At launch, the Centre’s initiatives include a $5 million investment across new and long-term local grassroots partners through Lululemon’s Here to Be grant program as well as global and national non-profits, including Girls Opportunity Alliance and the National Alliance on Mental Health, where the retailer will help lead the establishment of a 9-8-8 crisis number for mental health and suicide prevention services.

In addition, Lululemon is supporting The Trevor to end suicide among LGBTQ youth.

“At lululemon, we believe everyone has the right to be well and we know the path to wellbeing is possible when tools, support, and resources are accessible to all,” said Esther Speck, Lululemon VP of global sustainability and social impact. “Through lululemon’s Centre for Social Impact, we will leverage our expertise, resources, and communities to advocate for the wellbeing of those most impacted by systemic inequity around the world.”

In July, Lululemon rival Athleta launched AthletaWell, a digital platform for members of its rewards program. The platform will offer content that includes workout videos and “safe” spaces for women to connect on a range of topics rooted in female wellbeing, including fitness, health, body positivity and more.

The retailer said the launch of the Centre is an important milestone in its progress across its Impact Agenda, the company’s social and environmental goals and multi-year strategies toward a more equitable, sustainable, and healthy future. The company has committed to providing access to wellbeing tools for more than 10 million people by 2025 and investing at least $75 million to advance equity in wellbeing in its local and global communities by 2025.

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