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Lululemon takes on diversity, climate change and more

Lululemon storefront

Lululemon Athletica Inc. has released its first-ever “Impact Agenda,” detailing the company’s social and environmental goals and strategies to create a healthier future.

The report lays out the retailer’s  multi-year strategy to become a more sustainable and equitable business, minimize its environmental impact, and accelerate positive change both internally and externally. To drive progess, Lululemon committed to 12 goals, targeting areas that range from diversity and inclusion to mental well-being to climate change.

Among the goals are a commitment to source 100% renewable electricity to power the company’s operations by 2021, and that 100% of the company’s products will include sustainable materials and end-of use solutions by 2030, with at least 75% of its products containing sustainable materials by 2025.  It will also offer customers  new options to extend the life of its products by providing resell, repair, and/or recycle options by 2025.

  In addition, Lululemon will invest $75 million (USD) into equitable well-being programs globally by 2025. The company, which achieved 100% gender pay equity in 2018, announced, as part of its report, that it will reach full pay equity for gender and race by 2022.

"We share our Impact strategy against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, a global climate crisis, and systemic inequities in our society," said CEO Calvin McDonald. “Our Impact Agenda is more than a set of commitments. It’s a holistic approach that reflects who we are, guided by our purpose to elevate the world by realizing the full potential within every one of us.”

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