Lidl parent modernizes enterprise infrastructure

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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The Schwartz Group is implementing new IT infrastructure.

The Schwartz Group is optimizing its IT infrastructure to better handle emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

The multinational retail group, whose brands include German discount grocer (with U.S. presence) Lidl, is implementing the Solace PubSub+ platform to improve the performance and scalability of its IT infrastructure. The company determined that its infrastructure, which spans stores, supply chain and data centers; as well as an increasing number of IoT devices and both online and app-based shopping experiences, needed upgrading.

Upgrade requirements included rearchitecting its legacy messaging and integration layer to facilitate a rapid rate of innovation and growth, and meeting customer expectations for a more integrated shopping experience. By replacing synchronous batch updates with real-time, event-driven data sharing, the Schwartz Group intends to modernize supply chain and merchandise management systems so it can offer customers a real-time online shopping experience.

Leveraging its new Solace event streaming and management platform, the Schwartz Group will stream information between applications, devices and user interfaces across geographies and diverse cloud and on-premises environments.

As underlying infrastructure, the Schwarz Group has introduced its container platform that is used to run Solace PubSub+ together with event-driven microservices. The company seeks to achieve higher infrastructure flexibility it can use to meet customer expectations during seasonal bursts of traffic volume.

The Schwarz Group began implementing PubSub+ Platform in mid-2021 and is scheduled to complete the implementation and migration of their systems by June 2022.

"Linking decentralized and siloed services in stores across Europe and in the U.S. with our existing ecosystem of traditional business systems and integration platforms will help us take many activities and customer interactions to a whole new level," said Michael Weidig, head of IT engineering and integration services, Schwarz IT. "For example, we will be able to offer our customers a next-generation omnichannel experience, give ourselves a 360-degree view of all their activity, and always offer a responsive experience even amidst sales and seasonal bursts of activity."

"We're excited to be helping the Schwarz Group expand their already successful business and offer their customers an excellent omnichannel experience through the implementation of an event mesh powered by PubSub+ Platform," said Vincent Rontani, VP Europe, Solace. "We look forward to seeing them realize the same kinds of benefits we've helped other large European retailers achieve as they continue to expand their footprint globally."

Chico’s upgrades infrastructure for omnichannel success
Specialty fashion retailer Chico’s FAS is also seeking to improve enterprise operations with an infrastructure overhaul. Chico’s recently began partnering with headless commerce platform Fabric Inc. to launch an enterprise platform built on Fabric technology.

This new technology foundation is based on Fabric’s modular architecture, which will ease its implementation across a variety of consumer-facing solutions and touchpoints. These microservices and tools will help drive Chico’s current and future omnichannel technology projects.

Chico's will also leverage Fabric's platform for inventory management. As a result, the company intends to enable a “single source of truth” to accurately track inventory across all channels, as well as enhance accuracy and transparency across all three of its brands and improve omnichannel customer experiences.