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Levi’s to pilot AI-generated customized models

AI-generated customized models
Levi’s hopes AI will provide a more personalized digital shopping experience.

Levi Strauss & Co. is expanding its digital focus to the models that wear its jeans and other clothing.

Beginning later this year, the denim giant plans to test customized models generated by artificial intelligence (AI) created with technology from digital fashion studio  Levi’s said it plans to use the AI-generated models to supplement the brand’s human models. The technology will allow shoppers to see models “that look more like themselves,” and increase the number and diversity of its models in a sustainable way, the retailer said.

Netherlands-based uses AI to create realistic virtual models of every body type, age, size and skin tone. Currently, the Levi’s e-commerce site and mobile app generally have one model for each product.

“While AI will likely never fully replace human models for us, we are excited for the potential capabilities this may afford us for the consumer experience,” said Dr. Amy Gershkoff Bolles, global head of digital and emerging technology strategy at Levi Strauss & Co. “We see fashion and technology as both an art and a science, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with, a company with such high-quality technology that can help us continue on our journey for a more diverse and inclusive customer experience.”

Levi’s pursues more inclusive virtual sizing

Levi’s has been actively trying to create a more individually tailored online shopping experience for a while. In May 2022, the company began piloting two new digital shopping features in select countries, “See It In My Size” and “What’s My Size?” The new See It In My Size feature is designed to provide more inclusive representation in how products are displayed online. 

As customers look at a specific product on the Levi’s desktop site, they will see a “See It In My Size” button. Once clicked, consumers can select their size, and an image of the garment will appear, but on a digital avatar of a person more similar to their size, height, body shape and/or skin tone, giving the consumer a more accurate preview of the item. 

What’s My Size? is a new sizing tool recommendation algorithm. As consumers browse Levi’s products online, they will see the What’s My Size button. When clicked, the tool asks customers to add their height, weight, and gender.

From there, the algorithm will recommend the best size to select. After a consumer does this once, the recommendation will follow the shopper throughout their shopping journey and suggest the best size for each product being viewed.

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