Lamps Plus went digital-only, has since reopened

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A specialty lighting retailer temporarily shuttered stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but has since reopened.

California-based Lamps Plus closed all 36 of its brick-and-mortar stores in seven western states in April to prevent possible transmission of the COVID-19 virus among customers and associates. The stores have since reopened. At the time, Lamps Plus said most of its business had transitioned online as orders continued to ship from the warehouse.
Lamps Plus has also been analyzing product sales for the home since the pandemic began, and says Americans are focused on home comfort, with previously low-priority or delayed home projects now important with consumers spending the majority of time at home.

Product sales trends Lamps Plus has observed in the last few weeks, based on online sales data, upticks in purchases of ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, mirrors, desk lamps and seating, indoor and outdoor fountains, lamps with USB ports in bases to charge devices, lamp pairs, floor lamps, and lamp shades.

“Shopping online for the home continues to remain strong as consumers are spending the majority of their lives there rather than at work or other locations outside the home," said Lamps Plus founder and CEO Dennis Swanson. "A trend during this disruption has been adding comfort to the home, whether through the calming sounds of a fountain, making a dark room brighter or adding more relaxing seating."