Kroger opens transaction-level data to CPG brands

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Kroger’s 84.51° data analytics subsidiary is providing a new cloud platform to help CPG brands understand consumers.

The Kroger Co. continues building upon the targeted marketing services it offers CPG brands.

The grocery giant’s 84.51° data analytics subsidiary is introducing the 84.51° Collaborative Cloud. This platform is designed to provide 24/7 access to clean, unaggregated, transaction-level data for 60 million de-identified households, updated weekly, in a privacy-compliant, hosted environment that has been built to an individual company’s specifications and data needs.

The platform includes UPC-level, unaggregated data with an encrypted, anonymized, persistent household ID from 2 billion annual transactions from nearly 60 million households, or half the households in the U.S. Data includes in-store, pickup and delivery transactions. Users can access data up to a four-year history, and build their own science based on 84.51° data.

CPG companies including Conagra Brands have already piloted 84.51° Collaborative Cloud. After the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Conagra Brands’ data science team leveraged 84.51° Collaborative Cloud to better understand the company’s 2021 forecast, evaluate shopping behavior changes across numerous commodities, and predict which new consumer behaviors would last beyond the pandemic.

Utilizing transaction-level data with built-in privacy controls, Conagra Brands says it can present better demand projections for its portfolio, make more informed assumptions about demand for innovation, and make smarter decisions on production levels, shopper retention efforts and other marketing spend. This has helped Conagra Brands attract and retain new brand buyers at disproportionately high numbers.

“84.51° Collaborative Cloud has become a go-to resource for my team’s most complex analyses. It covers the bases for our modern, data-driven approach for innovation, offering speed, compatibility with our tech stack and a robust national footprint of household purchase behavior,” said Brian Archey, senior director, data science and analytics for Conagra Brands.

Through 84.51°, Kroger has been gradually building up its capability to offer advertisers targeted access to its customer base. In October 2021, Kroger’s media advertising business, Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), based on 84.51°, launched a new private programmatic advertising marketplace. Known as the Kroger Private Marketplace, the service allows advertising agencies and CPG brands to target consumers by applying Kroger audience data to programmatic campaigns within their preferred ad-buying platform.

And in August 2020, KPM partnered with multi-platform media company Meredith Corp. to offer a new integrated media service. The service provides brand advertisers with closed-loop sales data from Kroger to leverage in campaigns across Meredith’s portfolio of food and lifestyle properties, including Allrecipes, Real Simple, EatingWell, People, Better Homes & Gardens, and Southern Living.

KPM also uses data analytics to deliver relevant advertising that benefits both brands and customers by leveraging first-party data, combined with customer profiles, to make localized advertising more effective through channels including its proprietary app, Pinterest, or Roku connected TV.

“CPG business decision-makers know data can help them achieve their goals around sales, penetration, share of cart, shelf space and more, and have invested in building teams of in-house experts with the skills and desire to do cutting-edge work,” said Patrick Kelly, VP, product at 84.51°. “84.51° Collaborative Cloud maximizes that investment, putting at their fingertips the high-quality, granular data they need to innovate and transform their business.”