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Klarna launches new sustainability tools

Klarna sustainability
Klarna is continuing to promote sustainability.

A global payments provider and shopping platform is expanding its efforts to support sustainable purchasing.

Klarna is releasing a set of new and updated solutions designed to enable consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions and take sustainable actions. Following are highlights of each tool:

New top-up donations feature 

With the introduction of Klarna's new top-up donations feature, consumers can add a $1 donation to purchases made using Klarna's interest-free Pay in 4 service at integrated retail partners, both online and in the Klarna app. Initial partners include Sephora and Nike.

Donations will be captured as part of the down payment (or first installment), and will go to the non-profit WRLD Foundation to support organizations working to implement U.N. Sustainable Development goals, with a focus on climate, people and biodiversity. 

The top-up donations feature is now available in the U.S. with plans to go live in other markets in the future, and is the latest product released as part of Klarna's Give One planet health initiative. The feature is based on the Milkywire charitable fundraising platform.

"We are proud of these new tools that go beyond merely providing information about the environmental impact of purchases. Klarna's CO₂e tracker now provides even more knowledge to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions, with insight into the emissions set free for nearly 93 million products, while the top-up donations feature enables individuals to act and support non-profit organizations more easily," said Sara Davidson, sustainability marketing and communications lead, Klarna. "We recognize the power of Klarna's growing network of 150 million consumers, which comes with a responsibility to leverage our platform for good. Our aim is to empower individuals to align their purchases with their values, catalyzing progress for a brighter future for our planet."

Updated carbon dioxide emissions tracker with expanded category insights

In 2021, Klarna introduced an in-app tracker that lets customers see the carbon footprint of their transactions. A new upgraded version of this tool provides insights into the environmental impact of products within the home & garden and jewelry & accessories categories, with data supplied by carbon tracking platform Vaayu. The tracker now offers Klarna shoppers granular carbon footprinting for an additional 1.4 million products across these two new categories.

Klarna shoppers obtain an enhanced breakdown of a product's CO₂ emissions, from raw material extraction and processing to product assembly and delivery to the end user. The tracker also offers educational tips on prolonging the life of products and how to reduce CO₂ emissions when using products, such as following care labels and repairing worn items. 

Klarna provides AI-based sustainability insight

Klarna has been expanding its sustainability efforts for some time. In December 2022, Klarna began leveraging the Clarity AI sustainability solution to display AI-based sustainability data on electronics items. After consumers make a purchase using Klarna in the electronics category, new Clarity AI-powered information on the brand’s environmental efforts will be displayed in the form of brand badges.

In February 2022, the company released its first set of ongoing shoppable Sustainable Collections in the Klarna app. The collections are designed to bring greater transparency about sustainable apparel to consumers, helping them to discover and make informed shopping decisions.

And in April 2021, Klarna teamed up with climate impact tracking platform Doconomy to enable users across 16 global markets (including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and U.K.) to see the carbon footprint of their transactions. 

By 2030, Klarna aims to reduce company emissions by 50%

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