Joann unifies management of BOPIS, curbside pickup with AI

Joann storefront
Joann is streamlining its BOPIS process.

A specialty crafts and fabric retailer is extending its partnership with a location-based pickup and delivery optimization platform.

Joann, which implemented the artificial intelligence (AI)-based Radius Neworks Flybuy solution to automate its curbsaide pickup program chainwide in 2020, is expanding its use to support its buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) offering. As a result, Joann intends to streamline the entire purchase-to-pickup journey across channels and improve the customer experience.

With Flybuy, customers receive real-time notifications when their order is ready, and staff is alerted of their arrival while monitoring their trip[ to the store. This has resulted in improved efficiency and productivity, freeing up time for store associates to focus on customer service. Since introducing Flybuy in 2020, Joann now offers customers across the country wait time of less than two minutes on average for their curbside pickup orders.

The Flybuy dashboard, used by every Joann store nationwide, is accessible on associate handheld devices. It features audio and visual notifications that alert staff when a customer is on their way to pick up their order and displays the customer's selected pickup method, i.e., in-store or curbside.

Upon arrival, the customer is provided with specific pickup instructions based on their pickup method and store location. Joann offers this new, integrated BOPIS and curbside pickup service at all stores nationwide.

"Flybuy has powered our curbside pickup program for years, which has enabled us to boost efficiency, reduce wait times, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction," said Drew Chamberlain, director of operations and customer experience at Joann. "We are excited to expand our pickup program with Flybuy to include BOPIS and be able to monitor in-store, curbside, and delivery orders all in one place."

"We have worked with the innovative team at Joann for years and are excited to expand the program," said Marc Wallace, co-Founder and CEO of Flybuy. "With the expansion of their BOPIS program, the customer journey is completely streamlined across all pickup channels, which will provide a flawless customer experience and drive repeat visits."

Based in Cleveland, Joann operates 831 store locations across 49 states and an e-commerce business.

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