Ikea moves forward with U.S. furniture buyback and resale

Ikea is entering the resale market in the U.S.

Ikea is turning its pilot of a U.S. resale program into a national rollout.

The global furniture giant is introducing its Buy Back & Resell service in 33 stores across the U.S. from Nov. 1 – Dec. 5, 2021. Ikea will also launch its new 'Sustainable Living Shop' in all U.S. locations and offer discounts on sustainable products during the month of November.

Following a successful pilot at the Conshohocken, Penn. store in September 2021, Ikea U.S. is now launching its Buy Back & Resell service at 33 stores nationwide. Members of the free Ikea Family loyalty program will have the opportunity to sell back used Ikea furniture in exchange for store credit at participating locations.

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The service is available only for fully assembled and functional Ikea furniture, with all items will be reviewed for condition, age and functionality. The returned items will be made available for resale in Ikea’s “as-is” section at discounted prices. Recalled products and some product categories are not eligible for the program.

Ikea is launching the service amid a booming U.S. market for resale. Most recently, Madewell and Fabletics joined the growing list of retailers partnering with resale platform ThredUp.

"Ikea is on a journey to become a circular and climate positive business by 2030. As part of this goal, we are proud to launch the Ikea Green Friday campaign and execute the national rollout of our Buy Back & Resell service in the U.S. this year," says Javier Quiñones, Ikea U.S. president and chief sustainability officer. "We want to help create a sustainable movement in society, and inspire our customers to acquire, care for and pass on Ikea products in more sustainable ways."

"We are excited to share that the Buy Back & Resell pilot in Conshohocken had positive results – 100% of product brought in was resold vs. recycled," says Jennifer Keesson, country sustainability manager, Ikea U.S. "By expanding the service to more stores across the U.S., we hope to inspire more IKEA Family members to participate and further showcase how sustainable living can be obtainable and affordable for the many." 

Ikea U.S. will also open its Sustainable Living Shop at all stores nationwide in honor of Ikea Green Friday. This dedicated section in each store is designed to make it easier for customers to shop for sustainable products and provide solutions and tips to make green living easier and more affordable.

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Ikea has 375 stores in 30 countries, including 52 U.S. locations. The company, which already operates buyback programs at its stores in many other countries, said that the buyback service is part of its commitment to transform its business model —  from furniture to food, home delivery to assembly, and product design to investments — to be circular and climate positive by 2030.  Among other initiatives, Ikea remains committed to designing all products to be 100% circular from the beginning and aims to use only renewable or recycled materials by adapting and finding new sources or developing new materials.

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