Home furnishings retailer Arhaus launches new store concept

Marianne Wilson
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Arhaus has unveiled a new format that specializes in interior design and customization services. 

The family-owned and operated home furnishings retailer has opened Arhaus Studio, in Carmel, Calif. The new concept marks the company’s new strategy and approach to bringing Arhaus into the heart of luxury communities.

Arhaus Studio offers a service-first approach to the same handmade furniture and décor the brand is known for, but with a smaller store footprint and more intimate setting. Each Studio will have its own team of designers. 

The launch of the new concept comes as individuals are spending more time at home and also as the second-home market has seen steady growth. The demand for personalized design services—in-store, in-home and virtually—has increased significantly as a result, the company said.

"We have always evolved our service offerings to best cater to our clients' needs, and the Studio is the next extension of that mission," said John Reed, CEO and co-founder of Arhaus, which has more than 70 stores nationwide. "With Arhaus Studio, we set out to create an even higher-end and more exclusive Arhaus experience, providing a 'white-glove' level of personal service and furniture customization." 

While every Arhaus store encompasses interior design guidance and expertise, the Studio locations will provide an “unparalleled level of one-on-one attention.” Whether partnering directly with clients, or working with interior designers serving their own clientele, Arhaus Studio offers concierge-style assistance at every step, carrying all the way from concept to home installation with designer-supervised on-site deliveries of large items, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process. Furthering its in-person services, each Arhaus Studio will feature an interactive design center equipped with the latest technology, including 3D room-planning software and touchscreen monitors, which can display an item within a client's personal space.  

"Our goal is to create an immersive experience for our clients as we collaborate with them through every step of the design process, helping them to 'see' what their finished spaces will look and feel like,” said Reed.

Situated within the California oceanside community, Arhaus Studio's intimate atmosphere will reflect Carmel's quaint and historic charm, with a curated selection of one-of-a-kind and custom pieces selected specifically to inspire local clients. Additional Studio locations are targeted for 2021, including luxury ski locales and more beachside communities. Each location will feature its own unique mix of locally inspired pieces.