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Harps Food Stores plays personalized tune for shoppers

Harps Foods Stores

A regional supermarket chain is applying artificial intelligence to customer engagement.

Harps Foods Stores, an employee-owned supermarket retailer operating 96 stores in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas, is deploying customer engagement marketing tools from Birdzi. Harps will leverage Birdzi’s real-time digital ecosystem, which is specifically designed to support the marketing strategies of regional food retailers. 

A key component of the Birdzi solution is an artificial intelligence (AI) relationship engine, which uses several hundred attributes for each shopper, updated with each purchase, to enable contextual relevancy. With a real-time view of shopper intent, Harps will be able to offer up-to-the-second recommendations based on customer behavior and location.

This will enable Harps to better address customer needs, including through more relevant real-time recommendations than what was previously possible.

“We’re ready to expand our digital customer engagement efforts, so it is only natural to work with Birdzi,” said David Ganoung, VP of marketing for Harps. “Harps will be leveraging Birdzi’s real-time personalization and relevancy as we continue to enhance our shopping experience and engage with our customers.”

“We are proud to work with David and the Harps team in rolling out new digital capabilities,” said Shekar Raman, CEO and co-founder of Birdzi. “Birdzi’s platform begins with the customer, a focus fully aligned with Harps’ customer-first philosophy.”

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