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Hackers reveal cybersecurity trends for 2024

Hackers will take advantage of AI in 2024.

Hacker discussions on the dark web give retailers an advance look at what types of cyberthreats they will face in the coming year.

Virtual private network (VPN) service NordVPN recently analyzed discussions and comment threads from one of the dark web’s largest hacker forums. By tracking the topics that most interest cybercriminals, NordVPN is making the following predictions about where hackers will be focusing their illegal efforts throughout the next 12 months.

Hackers will use artificial intelligence (AI)

According to NordVPN analysis of hacker chatter, they will likely use AI to improve the spelling and grammar of phishing emails, making it easier for hackers to convince their victims to engage with malicious links and attachments. 

NordVPN also expects hackers to continue using AI-generated deepfake videos to duplicate the faces and voices of celebrities to endorse scams.

The number of amateur hackers will grow

NordVPN researchers believe that more non-professional hackers will attempt to commit cybercrimes in 2024. This prediction is based on numerous dark web forum posts from people wanting to learn or teach others how to perform cyberattacks.

Stolen customer data will grow in value

According to NordVPN analysis, approximately 55% of discussion threads were focused on leaked customer data. The stolen information included social media credentials, driver’s licenses, home addresses and personal email addresses.

Customer data can end up being sold on the dark web for large sums of money, and NordVPN expects this trend will probably continue into 2024. This will likely include data from corporate breaches being sold in large bundles to cybercriminals, who can use this information to launch scams, hijack accounts or steal peoples’ identities.

Biometric authentication will not solve the issue

In recent years, some cybersecurity analysts have hoped that biometric authentication could drastically reduce the risks of cybercrime. While biometrics have provided new mechanisms to cybersecurity infrastructure and authentication processes, hackers are quickly exploring ways to get around these defenses. 

The forum viewed by NordVPN’s research team included a popular post giving instructions for how to bypass selfie verification. Biometric authentication has a role to play in digital security, but NordVPN advises it is better understood as one part of a larger security solution rather than a cure-all.

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