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Google unveils new online discount, promotional tools in time for holidays

Google is offering retailers new promotional solutions.

Google is releasing new e-commerce features aimed at helping retailers spread the word about holiday discounts.

“The holiday season is upon us, and many are already getting into the shopping spirit,” Shashi Thakur, VP/GM, consumer shopping, Google, said in a corporate blog post. Deals are particularly top of mind this year. So, we’re sharing a few new features to help you easily find those discounts and get the perfect gift at the right price.”

One promotional offering Google is providing retailers on its e-commerce platform in time for the holidays is a selection of new labels for coupons and promotions. The new Google promotion badge will show up in Google search on items running a promotion with holiday-themed language.

While Google has previously shown customers when items are on sale or the price has dropped, they can now see specific promotions and compare them to others directly in search results.

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Google is also adding a new coupon clipping feature, which allows shoppers to copy promo codes when they are ready to buy. These new features will roll out in the coming weeks.

In addition, Google is enabling consumers to compare shopping deals across retailers. For example, if a shopper searches for a women’s puffer coat on Google, they will be shown a side-by-side comparison of available puffer coat deals right in their results. This new view will roll out in the U.S. in November, timed for the holidays.

Finally, Google is bringing its price insights feature to search to help shoppers understand the prices they see and make better buying decisions. Now, customers can quickly see how one retailer’s price compares to others’ and whether it’s low, typical or high for that product.

Retailers on the Google e-commerce platform can always see how their deals are performing and review their business’ promotions wherever they manage their product listings on Google.

“These new features will make it easier to find great prices and check everything off your list this season,” said Thakur.

Google enhances search-based shopping
Google is offering these new promotional features shortly after releasing nine new offerings designed to increase the shoppability of search results on the Google platform.

These new features and tools include:

Search with the word “shop”: In the U.S., when consumers search the word “shop,” followed by whatever item they’re looking for, they will obtain access to a visual feed of products, research tools and nearby inventory related to that product.

Shop the look: When shopping for apparel on Google, consumers can now “shop the look” to help assemble an outfit. The tool will show images of requested products and complementary pieces, plus options for where to buy them — all within Google search.

See what’s trending: Trending products shows products that are currently popular within a category.

Shop in 3D: Earlier in 2022, Google brought 3D visuals of home goods to search. Soon, it will add 3D visuals of footwear, starting with sneakers, as consumers search on Google, and also providing machine learning (ML)-based automation of 360-degree spins of sneakers using still photos.

Get help with complex purchases: A new buying guide feature shares insights about a category from a wide range of expert sources, all in one place.

See what other shoppers think: This new feature in the Google app brings together context about a webpage or product, like its pros and cons and star ratings, all in one view.

Get personalized results: Consumers will soon see more personalized shopping results based on their previous shopping habits.

Shop your way with new filters: Whole page shopping filters on Google search are now dynamic and adapt based on real-time trends.

Get inspired beyond the Search box: Using the Discover feature in the Google app, consumers will see suggested styles based on what they have been shopping for, and what others have searched for.

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