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Google enhances search-based shopping

Google shopping
Google is introducing a set of new shopping capabilities.

Google is releasing nine new e-commerce features and tools.

All of these new offerings are designed to increase the shoppability of search results on the Google platform. They are supported by Google’s Shopping Graph, a real-time, artificial intelligence (AI)-based dataset of products, inventory, and merchants with more than 35 billion listings.

The new features and tools include:

Search with the word “shop”: In the U.S., when consumers search the word “shop,” followed by whatever item they’re looking for, they will obtain access to a visual feed of products, research tools and nearby inventory related to that product. Google is also expanding its shoppable search experience beyond apparel to all categories and more regions on mobile (and coming soon to desktop).

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Shop the look: When shopping for apparel on Google, consumers can now “shop the look” to help assemble an outfit. The tool will show you images of requested products and complementary pieces, plus options for where to buy them — all within Google search.

See what’s trending: Trending products is a new feature in search that shows products that are currently popular within a category. U.S. shoppers will be able to shop the look and see trending products later this fall.

Shop in 3D: Earlier in 2022, Google brought 3D visuals of home goods to search. Soon, it will add 3D visuals of footwear, starting with sneakers, as consumers search on Google. To make this process more efficient and cost-effective, Google is also providing machine learning (ML)-based automation of 360-degree spins of sneakers using a handful of still photos (instead of hundreds). This new technology will be available in the coming months.

Get help with complex purchases: A new buying guide feature shares insights about a category from a wide range of expert sources, all in one place. Buying guide recently launched in the U.S., with new insight categories coming soon.

See what other shoppers think: This new feature in the Google app brings together context about a webpage or product, like its pros and cons and star ratings, all in one view. Customer can also opt in to get price drop updates. Page insights will launch in the U.S. in the coming months.

Get personalized results: Consumers will soon see more personalized shopping results based on their previous shopping habits. They will also have the option to tell Google their preferences directly, as well as controls to turn off personalized results. Shopping personalization will roll out in the U.S. later this year.

Shop your way with new filters: Whole page shopping filters on Google search are now dynamic and adapt based on real-time trends. If a consumer is shopping for jeans, they might see filters for “wide leg” and “bootcut” because those are the popular denim styles right now — but those may change over time, depending on what’s trending. Dynamic filters are now available in the U.S., Japan and India, and will come to more regions in the future.

Get inspired beyond the Search box: Using the Discover feature in the Google app, consumers will see suggested styles based on what they have been shopping for, and what others have searched for, too. Consumers can tap whatever they like and use Lens to see options for where to buy.

“With these new features, your shopping experience on Google just got a lot easier, more intuitive and, of course, more fun,” Lilian Rincon, senior director of product, Shopping, Google, said in a corporate blog post. And regardless of where you end up buying, these tools can help you find what you want more quickly and maybe even discover the next thing you'll love.

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