Global fitness retailer Gymshark drives growth with generative AI

Gymshark headquarters
Gymshark is integrating Google Cloud AI technology.

Gymshark is deploying advanced Google Cloud artificial intelligence (AI) technology to support innovation and analytics.

Having grown from a screen-printing operation to a global fitness brand with customers in over 180 countries, the U.K.-based specialty fitness apparel/accessories retailer is supporting its rapid scaling of operations with Google Cloud's data warehousing and analytics suite, real-time analytics tools, and AI and machine learning (ML) technology.

Gymshark will also leverage the Google Cloud Vertex AI generative AI platform to create new expert digital assistants that will help guide consumers through the product selection process. Based on ML, generative AI can create new content and ideas, including conversations, stories, images, videos, and music

The retailer will also experiment with utilizing generative AI to enable its training app to seamlessly record activities via text and dynamically provide new insights to help customers reach their fitness goals.

In the coming months, Gymshark will work with Google Cloud and implementation partner Deloitte to launch AI initiatives including improving product availability during the Black Friday shopping period; building a scalable, flexible, future-proof technology stack; and optimizing its supply chain with granular, time-relevant insights for decision-making and forecasting.

Gymshark will also roll out the Google Cloud BigQuery data warehouse to serve as the central repository of all data, as well the Google Cloud Looker unified business intelligence platform as a visualization and reporting tool.

"We have come a long way since founding Gymshark 11 years ago, and we are ready for this partnership to kickstart the next phase of our transformation and future growth,” said Ben Francis, CEO and founder of Gymshark. “Data is at the heart of this evolution, and with the help of Google Cloud's game-changing technology and data analytics experts, we are certain that we will be able to reach our goals and remain a leader in this competitive industry.”

"We are proud to work with a British-grown company and to be part of Gymshark's global growth journey,” said Helen Kelisky, managing director, Google Cloud, UKI. “With our technology, the Gymshark team is now equipped to go from digital native to data native and unlock transformative experiences for customers all over the world."

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Founded in Birmingham, U.K. in 2012, Gymshark operates across over 180 countries.

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