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GameStop partners with Microsoft

GameStop Corp. has entered into a multi-year partnership with Microsoft Corp. to standardize the retailer’s business operations on the tech giant’s cloud solutions and hardware.

The video game retailer, which previously announced plans to close 400 to 450 stores amid continuing financial troubles, seeks to enhance its retail technology infrastructure by migrating its back-end and in-store solutions to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 portfolio of cloud-based business applications and customer data platform.

GameStop will empower store associates with integrated experiences across its business operations including finance, inventory, e-commerce, retail and POS. The retailer seeks to provide associates with access to omnichannel insights about customer preferences and purchasing history; as well as real-time information on product availability, subscriptions, pricing, and promotions in order to provide a differentiated and personalized in-store customer experience.

Additionally, GameStop employees will use Microsoft Surface devices while working with customers.  Store managers have already been provided with Microsoft Surface devices as part of a digital modernization strategy.

As part of this enterprise technology transformation, GameStop also plans to roll out the Microsoft 365 business app suite and Microsoft Teams business communication platform to its stores. Leveraging Teams, store associates will more easily be able to ask questions and share insights with one another, in an effort to provide a better customer experience, as well as obtain enhanced security and identity management capabilities.

“This is an exciting day at GameStop as we announce the advancement of an important partnership that capitalizes on the power of our operating platform and significant market share in gaming to accelerate our digital transformation; drive incremental revenue streams; and over time, further monetize the digital world of gaming,” said George Sherman, GameStop CEO. 

“We believe Microsoft’s integrated retail technology platform will enable the continued development of our frictionless omnichannel digital environment, providing customers with an exceptional cross-channel experience for all things video gaming,” said Jim Bell, GameStop CFO. “By standardizing on Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, all accessed with Microsoft Surface devices at our fingertips, we will be able to create a better connection with our associates and provide them with powerful new tools to deliver rich engaging experiences to our customers while significantly enhancing our cross-channel view of inventory ensuring the most efficient delivery of products to our customers.”

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