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GameStop, Dick’s Sporting Goods personalize for digital peak

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A video game retailer and a sporting goods chain both prepared their sites for the holidays with personalization technology.

During Q4 2019, GameStop Corp. launched a personalization solution from Certona on its updated flagship site. A Certona client since 2013, GameStop underwent a replatforming of its e-commerce website in 2019 that also included a streamlined buy/reserve online-pickup-in-store feature, Apple Pay, and more seamless integration with its loyalty program, among other features.

The GameStop team collaborated with Lyons/Capgemini, FitForCommerce, and Certona/Kibo professional services to minimize disruption during the migration of its personalization solution to the new platform.

In addition, during the same time period, Dick’s Sporting Goods enhanced the data management capabilities of its online personalization program by working with Certona to launch a new sports bra finder to its site, as well as an application programming interface (API) protocol to ensure that pricing and inventory information is current and consistent. In March 2019, Dick’s began an effort to migrate all e-commerce systems onto an in-house-developed platform.

Certona, whose parent company is Kibo Commerce, provides personalization solutions ranging from data capture and management to cross-platform recommendations.

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