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Frank And Oak to run stores on iPhone apps

A Canadian sustainable fashion brand will streamline store operations with a new mobile-driven omnichannel platform.

Frank And Oak, which is part of the Unified Commerce Group (UCG) direct-to-consumer retail brand portfolio, will support store activities with the NewStore omnichannel platform. The retailer will leverage NewStore functionality to enable store managers and associates to perform processes including mobile POS, endless aisle inventory access, store fulfillment, and inventory and cash management using iPhone apps.

The retailer will replace its existing order management system to integrate e-commerce and store inventory, making it possible to offer all inventory to customers, regardless of location or purchase channel. Through NewStore, Frank And Oak will have a single system for all inventory, orders, and customer data. 

Other DTC retailers including Marine Layer, Burton Snowboards, and 5-Star Nutrition have shifted store operations to iPhone apps using NewStore technology in the past year.

Frank And Oak is the first UGC brand to implement NewStore technology. UGC expects to roll out the NewStore platform to other DTC brands in its portfolio.

"Born as a digitally native brand, Frank And Oak has experimented with various omnichannel capabilities, none of which have been easy to manage on the back end. NewStore will be critical to removing any remaining friction, for customers and associates, enabling us to fuel our expansion globally with an omnichannel approach," said Dustin Jones, co-founder and CEO, Unified Commerce Group. "This partnership helps UCG to accomplish a key part of our vision, to provide a truly seamless omnichannel experience to our customers around the world. UCG is in the process of creating a complete technology solution for its brands that elevates the global standard in retail, and NewStore is a key strategic partner in this solution. NewStore's technology now means setting up new stores for Frank And Oak is going to be as simple as shipping out a box of iPhones; a model we look forward to replicating for our other brands."

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