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Filson and Shinola create seamless customer experience

DTC brands are connecting their customer touchpoints.

Two direct-to-consumer brands owned by Bedrock Manufacturing Co. are offering a unified shopping journey across all channels.

Filson and Shinola are deploying NewStore mobile POS, order management, and store inventory solutions. The outdoor apparel and accessories brand and hancrafted wallet, jewelry and leather goods maker will leverage the NewStore platform’s omnichannel capabilities, including mobile checkout, endless aisle, store fulfillment, buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS), and buy online return in-store (BORIS).

In addition, Filson and Shinola associates will be able to consolidate customer, order, and inventory data into one iOS app. Store employees will be equipped with iPhones, providing them with access real-time data and enabling them to assist customers and process transactions from anywhere on the store floor.

“It was an easy decision to go with NewStore after assessing various omnichannel solutions. On top of the company’s proven track record of working with game-changing retailers, the platform can be implemented at a pace that aligns with the unique needs of our brands. The company also has a strong network of technology partners, which was important to us,” said Rob Sayre, CIO, Bedrock Manufacturing Co. “NewStore’s experience and expertise will be invaluable for both Filson and Shinola as we bring this project to life, and our partnership will only get stronger as we grow our portfolio of retail brands.”

“Our brands are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and experiences. By rolling out NewStore at Filson and Shinola, we will dramatically improve how shoppers interact with both businesses,” said Jonathon Pop, principal architect, Bedrock Manufacturing Co. “The partnership will streamline operations, improve inventory accuracy, and help our retailers gain valuable insights about their customers, all while offering a more unified shopping experience.”

“From day one, NewStore was built on a composable SaaS architecture, which allows brands like Filson and Shinola to deploy features and scale based on their needs. This has become more important than ever in today’s retail environment,” said Stephan Schambach, founder and CEO, NewStore. “These brands have spent years establishing their reputations and cultivating a loyal following. Investing in omnichannel with NewStore will strengthen those foundations and future-proof both businesses.”


Roots allocates store inventory using intelligent criteria

Premium outdoor brand Roots Corp. is rolling out the NewStore Omnichannel Platform across its digital channels and network of more than 100 retail stores throughout Canada and the U.S. The company is now using NewStore order management and store fulfillment in an effort to reduce shipping times, improve inventory accuracy, and maximize inventory sell-through across the enterprise.


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