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Marks & Spencer unifies enterprise omnichannel operations

Marks & Spencer is deploying a new enterprise suite.

A British retail giant is connecting its front-end and back-end workflows, across physical and digital channels.

Marks & Spencer is deploying the CommerceHub Commerce Suite, in an effort to be able to quickly expand assortment, boost customer engagement and loyalty, and attract new customers. The retailer also intends to gain agility and flexibility in performing its merchandising and fulfillment processes.

Leveraging Commerce Suite, the retailer intends to more quickly onboard new suppliers, as well as manage orders and handle returns more easily. Equipped with these capabilities, Marks & Spencer hopes to offer more products to customers without the need for additional, owned inventory, which will increase its ability to respond quickly to changes in customer demand.

“As Marks &Spencer continues on the next stage of its transformation and reshapes as an omnichannel retailer, we wanted a strategic partner that could help us deliver a best-in-class shopping experience for our customers. CommerceHub has proven expertise in e-commerce leadership which will help us amplify our commerce solutions and help ensure they seamlessly join up across our channels and business systems,” said Henry Swift, head of online commercial at M& “The SaaS solutions and extensive commerce network that CommerceHub brings to the table made partnering with CommerceHub a clear and easy decision for our team.” 

“Our partnership with Marks & Spencer is unlocking new possibilities to grow their business and provide more of what consumers want. M&S has tremendous focus and commitment to knowing their customer, and by combining our innovation with their retail expertise, we are empowering them to create a seamless and personalized shopping experience,” said Bryan Dove, CommerceHub CEO. “This relationship is indicative of how M&S continues to strengthen their digital capabilities to grow profitably in a dynamic economic environment.” 

Marks & Spencer bases omnichannel experience on POS platform

Marks & Spencer is actively enhancing its omnichannel capabilities. In summer 2022, the retailer extended an agreement with unified commerce platform Flooid to offer store POS and unified commerce platform services.

The retailer leverages the Flooid unified commerce basket services platform, enabling the retailer to build omnichannel experiences in-house or with other partners. Marks & Spencer plans to quickly develop customer-facing solutions, such as mobile shopping apps and self-service kiosks, on the Flooid platform and add in-house-developed features on top.

Marks & Spencer is a U.K.-based retailer operating over 1,500 stores worldwide and focuses on private-label businesses, including clothing, beauty, food, and home. With revenue exceeding $10 billion annually, Marks & Spencer serves nearly 30 million customers each year and has 70,000 employees.

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