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Exclusive Q&A: Newegg interacts with customers via livestream

Newegg is building on its livestream commerce pilot.

Newegg Commerce Inc. is airing several episodes per week on its proprietary livestream platform.

Initially launched as a pilot in September 2021, Newegg Live is an interactive, real-time livestream platform showing some of the most in-demand tech products available on the tech-focused e-tailer’s platform. Newegg Live demonstrates products at exclusive sale prices typically available only for the duration of the livestream.

Drew Roder, director of studios for Newegg, answered some questions about Newegg Live exclusively for Chain Store Age.

What made Newegg decide to pursue livestreaming?
We have a large media studio that produces videos daily for our site, YouTube and social media. When retail livestreaming was in its early form here in the U.S., we were able to quickly adjust our plans to add livestreaming with a shopping component. Our customers already watch video on their phones so it was natural to offer live video shopping into our production plans. There was minimal investment or adjustments like there would be for another company.

What technologies/strategies do you use to ensure your program seamlessly integrates with the rest of your operation?
We can't share specifics, but we are using a combination of off-the-rack and custom-built solutions in the back end. This enables us to integrate the necessary e-commerce mechanics for us to do business inside the livestream. We have three producers working on the show when it's live. One handles interfacing with the community chat, another is doing technical direction, and our producers also serve as talent to host the show.

What has customer response been?
Customers have tuned into each video and shared a lot of enthusiasm about products in the text chat. We listen to the feedback from our community to decide on the product selection for future episodes. We then bring our product management teams into the fold so we can offer great deals on the show.

Any future livestream plans you can discuss?
We want to continually improve the program and evolve as live video commerce continues to grow in the U.S. Programming emphasizes interaction between the retailer and its customers, who type questions or comments about the products in the chat for the hosts to offer a response.

Newegg Live serves as social commerce solution
Viewers can make purchases directly in the Newegg mobile app or on TikTok while watching the video. The video is also available to watch later on social media platforms.

Show hosts produce and write their own scripts, which offer a detailed perspective of products, in-depth descriptions, and the ability to show features of products like their capabilities, sounds and video. According to Newegg, the platform has been integral in expanding the product categories associated with its brand.

While the company features some of its top-selling brands and products, like gaming PCs, computer components, monitors and other products in core categories, it also allows select new sellers to feature products on livestream episodes.

Headquartered in City of Industry, Calif., Newegg was founded in 2001 and serves a global customer base throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. The company offers direct sales and an online marketplace platform for PC and IT hardware, consumer electronics, automotive, gaming products and finished goods.

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