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Epicor adopts data-first supply chain strategy

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Epicor is adopting a data-driven supply chain methodology.

Epicor is offering businesses enterprise data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for their supply chains.

The technology vendor, which provides retail-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, has a new data supply chain approach. This approach is designed to leverage Epicor’s Industry ERP Cloud platforms to integrate business users’ internal and external data sources and interpret signals and indicators, both within their organizations and across supply chains.

During the recent Epicor Insights 2023 conference, the company highlighted several examples of its data supply chain approach, including:

  • Grow, the Epicor data platform – Epicor Grow, the company’s full-stack, no code / low code business intelligence (BI) platform combines data integration, warehousing, and visualization, enabling users to build visualizations for data-based decision-making.
  • Predictive analytics powered by ChatGPT – Through its collaboration with research and deployment company OpenAI, Epicor is combining ChatGPT with its industry expertise to deliver predictive analytics and contextual recommendations via the Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA). Epicor users can analyze information across both internal and external data sources by querying EVA.       
  • Supplier integration By integrating internal and external data sources using Epicor Prophet 21and Grow, companies can gain key insights across their supply chains, such as access to real-time inventory levels and pricing data, as well as automatically generated supplier performance scores.     
  • People-centric automation and experiences – Epicor technologies can help optimize and improve the worker experience using automation and intelligent recommendation, from customer part configuration and ordering, digital work instructions on the shop floor, delivery, and field service.  

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“To be successful in today’s marketplace, makers, movers, and sellers must make data-driven decisions faster and with greater accuracy. It’s all about the right insights, in the right place, at the right time,” said Epicor CEO Steve Murphy. “Epicor is delivering the digital foundation to help give our customers an insight advantage, supported by our deep industry expertise, powerful data analytics, and emerging AI capabilities that will help pave the road to a more resilient and predictable global supply chain.”   

“This is an era in which cloud computing, business intelligence, and AI can be applied at scale to transform the way we solve some of our biggest challenges,” said Epicor Chief Product Officer Vaibhav Vohra. “We’re empowering our customers’ workforces – from the top floor to the shop floor – to tap into a world of innovative possibilities for how workstreams and collaboration across the essential industries get done.”



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