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eBay streamlines clothing resale with connected labels

eBay Save the Duck
Save the Duck products enabled with resell on eBay.

eBay is rolling out a new click-to-resell feature for select apparel products.

The e-commerce marketplace is building the capability into Ceritlogo AI-based product smart tags to support its new “resell on eBay” feature that enables users to list their clothing on eBay in a couple of clicks of a button. eBay acquired Certilogo in July 2023 to aid its product authentication efforts.

How it works

The new feature will be built into a Certilogo Secure by Design digital ID, which will be accessible by scanning a connected product’s smart label. When a user scans the digital ID on a product’s smart label, a “resell your garment” button is displayed on the item’s digital profile.

Once a user clicks on the button, they will be directed to check the authenticity of the item through Certilogo’s AI-based authentication system by signing in with their eBay account. When the authentication process is complete, an eBay listing will be pre-filled with information from the brand about the item. The user is then redirected to the listing page on eBay, where they can fill in any missing fields or edit the information already pre-filled before officially listing the item for sale on eBay.

Italian outerwear and lifestyle brand Save The Duck will be the first brand to pilot the new feature, with its connected garments featuring the new resell button rolling out on eBay in May 2024. eBay plans to expand the service to other brands using the Certilogo Digital ID solution in the near future, with the goal of making it a default function of the vendor’s Secure by Design smart label technology.

“eBay is focused on delivering solutions to brands while curating an elevated marketplace for buyers and sellers,” said Charis Marquez, global GM of fashion at eBay. “Reducing friction and removing barriers to brands and consumers engaging in re-commerce is crucial to fostering a pre-loved fashion marketplace. Our new resell feature helps brands keep their product out of landfill, while giving consumers an incredibly easy way to give their item a second life.”

“This new ‘resell on eBay’ feature was a natural next step for Certilogo’s innovation and product evolution,” said Michele Casucci, CEO and founder of Certilogo. “With 540 million products already connected by our secure digital IDs, our mission is to empower brands by helping them create an experience that blends the physical with the digital world. Being able to securely resell your products with ease only makes the circular shopping experience more accessible for everyone.”

“Finding solutions that help our customers make more circular choices – and keep our product out of landfill – is of the utmost importance to us,” said Nicolas Bargi, Save The Duck CEO & founder. “To be the first brand to use this new eBay and Certilogo technology reinforces our commitment to ensuring maximum transparency to our community.”

eBay streamlines selling with generative AI

eBay has also been developing generative AI applications to aid sellers. it has developed. In December 2023, the retailer released a new feature, based on generative AI technology, that enables sellers to draft social media posts with the click a button. 

And in September 2023, the e-tailer released what it termed a "magical" seller listing solution that uses AI to analyze, research and extrapolate details about listings from a small amount of seller-provided data, including images.

Founded in 1995 in San Jose, Calif., eBay operates in more than 190 markets globally. In 2023, eBay enabled nearly $74 billion of gross merchandise volume.

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