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eBags boosts online purchase confidence with 3D, AR

A leading online luggage retailer is making the digital customer experience as lifelike as possible.

Since its founding as a pure-play e-commerce retailer in 1998, eBags has always strived to enhance its shopping experience with features such as interactive buying guides and quizzes, as well as video packing tutorials. However, as more of its customer traffic shifts to mobile devices, eBags wants to ensure that potential small-screen issues such as inadequate product images, images that lack detail, and long load times do not negatively impact purchase decisions.

To resolve the situation, eBags recognized that 3D and augmented reality (AR) technology could provide its shoppers with an immersive experience beyond video in its ability to depict product attributes. Using the Vertebrae Axis e-commerce platform, the retailer created 3D and AR experiences for 12 of its top sellers, and embedded the assets within product detail pages directly on its e-commerce site for both mobile and desktop. The immersive features launched in January 2020.

As a result, eBags can offer customers enhanced digital shopping features such as 3D zoom to enable examination of details like materials, buckles, and zips; as well as AR placement of bags in real-life context for accurate size and scale reference. Products featuring 3D and AR features saw a marked improvement in overall conversion and revenue. 

For example, conversion rates have increased 112% on mobile devices and 81% on desktop browsers for shoppers interacting with 3D and AR assets, compared with those who do not. 

In addition, the revenue per visit increases by 87% for those engaging with 3D and AR, and eBags’ highest engaged shoppers are 35% more likely to convert when supplementing traditional photography with 3D and AR.

“For eBags, mobile is not just a business strategy, but a brand promise,” said Chris Seahorn, senior VP of marketing and merchandising, eBags. “3D and AR-enabled commerce was a natural next step in our commitment to offering exceptional mobile shopping experiences that uniquely blend the digital and physical worlds. We are now able to offer an experience that closely mimics shopping in a physical store, giving our customers even more confidence in their online purchases.”

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