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eBags opens new customer targeting effort


Online specialty luggage retailer eBags is looking to attract “new” shoppers with what has come to be considered an “old” technology platform.

eBags is deploying the Criteo Dynamic Email solution to pair anonymous behavioral data with third-party, permission-based email addresses from Criteo’s publisher network. As a result, the retailer can re-engage consumers it has previously targeted with social media and display advertising, as well as reach new customers who have demonstrated an interest in its brand and/or products.

“For eBags, email is one of the strongest communication channels with our customers, and the place where we see the most interaction on a day-to-day basis,” said Larry Sweeney, search marketing manager at eBags. “We activated Criteo Dynamic Email to complement our in-house promotional emails and extend reach to new audiences outside of our existing customer base. The integration was seamless, and after implementing Criteo Dynamic Email, we saw open rates increase to over 30% and click-through rates to over 25%, which we’re very pleased with.”

Email is often overlooked in an age of instant customer communication via text, social media and in-store interactive displays. However, this “legacy” technology from the 1990s remains a powerful tool for sending consumers more in-depth targeted messages and promotions. By refining its email marketing activities with personalized data such as previous browsing history, eBags is making sure it effectively reaches out to shoppers on all available platforms.

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