Drizly opens customers to targeted ads

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Drizly is debuting a retail media network for beverage companies.

An online alcohol marketplace is the latest on-demand delivery provider to launch a retail media network.

Based in Boston and acquired by Uber Technologies for $1.1 billion in October 2021, Drizly works with nearly 5,000 retailers across 35 states in North America to provide a selection of beer, wine, and spirits for on-demand delivery with transparent pricing. The company is rolling out Drizly Ads, a suite of expanded advertising solutions that enable its brand partners to reach its customers at every stage of the purchase process.

Drizly Ads is designed to provide the company’s alcoholic beverage partners with ad solutions that reach consumers across the entire funnel. Specific features include running search and display advertising directly on Drizly's web and app, as well as driving awareness through offsite media including email, social and other publisher channels. 

Beverage brands including Campari, Diageo, Moët Hennessy, Molson Coors, and Pernod Ricard have successfully run campaigns on Drizly Ads. The network will now scale to provide a set of partners with full-funnel ad capabilities, through the expansion and support of Drizly's programmatic advertising platform.

As part of the full Drizly Ads launch, Drizly is also introducing a new hub for interested advertisers to explore the full suite of products across search and display, its media network, and the development of custom ad solutions.

"Drizly revolutionized and scaled alcohol e-commerce, and with the introduction of Drizly Ads, we're now making it even easier for partners to advertise their products on our marketplace," said Amit Patel, senior VP of Drizly Ads and Partnerships. "We know our partners are shifting to an omnichannel approach in how they market their brands to consumers, and Drizly Ads will play an important role in their overall campaign strategy. With Drizly Ads, brands of all sizes can advertise directly to one of the largest audiences of high-intent alcohol shoppers in North America."

Delivery platforms serve CPG advertisers
By launching a proprietary retail media network, Drizly is following in the footsteps of at least two other on-demand delivery platforms. In August 2022, Gopuff rolled out Gopuff Ads, an instant ad platform integrated with the Epsilon-based CitrusAd network. The unified approach, building on Gopuff’s existing ad platform, enables brands to reach not only Gopuff site visitors, but also the entire Gopuff customer base across the open web with real-time, relevant advertising.

Gopuff is also expanding its on-site ad inventory beyond sponsored products and search to include relevant sponsored product carousels - all managed and measured on the Gopuff Ads platform. According to the company, brands leveraging Gopuff Ads are seeing return on investment (ROI) results as high as 430%.

And Instacart has been expanding its capabilities as a platform for CPG advertising for the past two years. In May 2022, Instacart released two new interactive advertising solutions: shoppable video ads and enhanced shoppable display ads. In January 2022, Instacart released a collection of advertiser solutions, including brand pages and a suite of display applications designed to maximize brand reach and consumer awareness for CPG brands.

In October 2021, Instacart collaborated with e-commerce marketing platform CommerceIQ on an offering called CIQ Advertising for Instacart. Finally, in May 2020, the company rolled out a self-serve ad service called Instacart Ads which brands and agencies can use to purchase search ads, set goals and advertising budgets, and manage bidding.