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The drivers of Gen Z consumer decisions are…

Gen Z shoppers
Gen Z shoppers like TikTok and gamification.

A new study reveals the main influences on consumer decisions for Gen Z shoppers.

In an email to Chain Store Age, strategic marketing consultancy Sooth released a number of interesting statistics about Gen Z consumer behavioral drivers obtained by applying AI-driven psychographic models to data sourced from surveys, social conversation and media usage across over 200 million people.

Following are Sooth’s findings in several key areas:

Social media

Gen Z consumers routinely use a high volume of social media accounts, with over 40% using at least seven accounts on a regular basis. About one-quarter of those heavy social media users have 11 or more accounts.

However, Sooth analysis indicates Gen Z consumers are predominantly engaged on TikTok and Snapchat, with all of their top 10 favorite social media activities taking place on those two platforms.

In fact, Sooth data shows that TikTok is the primary source of information for more than one in four Gen Z consumers. In addition, close to half (46%) of Gen Z consumers are more apt to choose a brand based on the ability to buy directly through social media channels

Interpersonal relationships

Only 27% of Gen Z consumers say they’re “in a relationship,” according to Sooth analysis, with dating being a relatively low priority in this generation’s early adulthood.

And Gen Z consumers are 73% less likely than other generations to be regular partygoers, and also far less likely be spending their time socializing in a bar.·

Furthermore, Sooth data shows Gen Z consumers are 43% less agreeable to the opinions of others than older generations. They are also highly skeptical of consumer opinions, making them 19-31% less likely than other consumers to research products, services, travel or financial decisions online.


Gen Z consumers are three times as likely as other consumers to be a video gamer, and are 55% more likely than older consumers to choose a brand because it provides the opportunity to play a game or win a prize.

Survey reveals online shopping habits of Gen Z

According to the recent Q1 2023 Consumer Trends Report from e-commerce platform Jungle Scout, 43% of surveyed Gen Z consumers start their online product searches on TikTok, a higher number than those who start on Google. Despite inflation, 32% of Gen Z respondents shop online at least once daily. This frequency compares to 25% of millennials, 15% of Gen X, and 7% of baby boomer respondents. 



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