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DoorDash integrates driver app with Apple CarPlay

DoorDash drivers will be able to use Apple CarPlay.
DoorDash drivers will be able to use Apple CarPlay.

DoorDash is letting drivers streamline the delivery experience with a new in-car feature.

The on-demand delivery platform says it is providing one of the most requested offerings by drivers – integration of the iOS driver app with Apple CarPlay, which enables a user to control their app via their car radio.

Leveraging Apple CarPlay, drivers can sync their iPhone’s interface with their car’s built-in entertainment and information systems, helping them use apps while reducing phone interactions. Apple CarPlay will seamlessly show the driver app’s navigation interface on their car’s built-in screens.

To use this new integration, drivers need the DoorDash driver app for iOS and a vehicle that supports CarPlay. Once they connect their phone to their car via Bluetooth or USB (depending on what their car supports), directions displayed in the app will automatically be shown on their vehicle’s screen.

DoorDash will begin piloting CarPlay integration in select markets during the week of July 31, 2023. The company anticipates scaling to all drivers in the coming months, and is exploring adding more functionality.

“We’re always looking for ways to make dashing even better, even easier, and even more intuitive,” said Austin Haugen, VP of dasher and logistics product, DoorDash. “Apple CarPlay is one of our most highly requested features among the dasher community, because it allows them to dash using the same technology many of them use on a daily basis. We’re thrilled to bring this integration to life and eager to hear feedback from dashers as we scale.”

DoorDash rolls out financial features for drivers

This new Apple CarPlay integration follows the March 2023 introduction of several new financial rewards for DoorDash drivers:

  • Earn by time: From the moment they accept an offer until it’s completed, drivers will earn a guaranteed hourly minimum rate plus 100% of tips on top. 
  • Earn per offer : When a driver earns per offer, on the driver app they will be shown upfront the guaranteed minimum amount they can expect to make on that offer – and keep 100% of tips. At the start of every delivery where earn by time is available, drivers can choose which earning mode they want to use and at any time, they can end their delivery and start a new one in a different mode when available.
  • Post-checkout tipping – This new feature enables customers to add a tip for their driver – or increase their tip – directly in the DoorDash app up to 30 days after delivery. 
  • Dash along the way – Drivers can automatically receive offers that take them directly to the zone they have selected as their route’s starting point, reducing downtime and helping maximize their earnings potential. 
  • Location sharing – Drivers can share their location in-app with up to five trusted contacts. Those contacts can track them in real-time and can see if a driver is making or has ended a delivery, or if 911 help has been requested. 
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