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DoorDash offers new financial perk to drivers

DoorDash driver
DoorDash drivers can receive rewards via the DasherDirect app.

DoorDash drivers who participate in the company’s DasherDirect card program have access to new rewards.

The on-demand delivery platform is expanding its partnership with digital banking start-up Payfare Inc. to integrate promotions from commerce platform Upside directly into the DasherDirect driver app, which Payfare provides for DoorDash.

As a result, holders of the DasherDirect card, a prepaid debit/rewards card specifically designed for DoorDash drivers (known as “dashers” in company parlance), can utilize Upside promotions at 50,000 gas and food retailers nationwide.

DasherDirect cardholders can claim a personalized fuel, restaurant or grocery offer in the Perks section of their DasherDirect app at eligible retail locations. Offers include up to 25 cents per gallon cash back on fuel and up to 45% cash back on food, which are automatically earned at the point of sale when the purchase is made with the DasherDirect prepaid debit card.

Payfare is utilizing the Upside Partner Platform, a series of application program interfaces (APIs) that enable partners to provide Upside’s personalized promotions to their own users in their own app environment.

“Payfare is committed to finding new ways to help our users thrive financially,” said Marco Margiotta, CEO and founding partner of Payfare. “We are proud to partner with Upside to help DasherDirect cardholder dollars go further on everyday essentials like gas and food.”

“At Upside, we’re driven to do all we can to drive more value to consumers and retailers, especially in today’s economic climate,” said Alex Kinnier, co-founder and CEO of Upside. “We’re thrilled to be working with Payfare to drive the most value possible to their cardholders, and also help brick-and-mortar retailers gain access to more customers at no additional cost to their business.”

DoorDash launches new driver safety features

DoorDash is adding new benefits for its drivers. In November 2022, the company unveiled five new offerings designed to ensure that drivers make safe deliveries. This was a follow-up by Door Dash (which appears to be expanding its business model) on the SafeDash in-app safety toolkit it rolled out in partnership with security company ADT for drivers in 2021.

The five additional safety features include:

  • SafeDash Check-In. If DoorDash detects that a delivery is taking longer than expected, the company automatically check in to see if the driver is okay. If they feel unsafe or are unresponsive, an ADT safety agent will call them and, if necessary, provide assistance or contact 911. 
  • Real-Time Safety Alerts. In the event of an emergency, DoorDash can quickly alert drivers, customers and retailers about the incident and suspend operations near the impacted area.
  • SafeChat. If DoorDash technology detects inappropriate or offensive language in a chat on its app, the person who sent the message will receive a warning reminding them of the potential consequences.
  • Safety Reporting. If a customer makes a driver feel unsafe, they can immediately report it via in-app chat or call for investigation. Drivers can also choose to block future deliveries made through the DoorDash platform to that customer in the future.
  • Porch Lights Reminders. DoorDash will send a notification to customers asking them to turn their porch or house lights on as the driver is approaching. 
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