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Domino’s, Microsoft team to transform ordering, store workflows with AI

Domino's and Microsoft
Domino's and Microsoft are partnering to develop AI solutions.

Domino’s is entering a wide-ranging partnership with Microsoft that will include the establishment of a joint innovation lab.

The world’s largest pizza retailer and the tech giant will collaboratively leverage the Microsoft Cloud and Azure OpenAI service in an effort to enhance the ordering process via personalization and simplification, as well as streamline manual store workflows.

As part of this strategic alliance, Domino's and Microsoft will establish an Innovation Lab, pairing both companies' executives with engineers to accelerate the time-to-market for smart store and ordering solutions.

The companies are currently in the early stages of developing a generative AI  assistant powered by Azure OpenAI Service. The solution is intended to help store managers perform daily tasks such as inventory management, ingredient ordering and staff scheduling.

Domino’s and Microsoft also seek to streamline pizza preparation and quality control with predictive tools included in the generative AI assistant. Based on machine learning (ML), generative AI can create new content and ideas, including conversations, stories, images, videos, and music.

Domino's expects to begin piloting generative AI-powered solutions to stores and customers within the next six months.

"We are thrilled to co-innovate with Microsoft using Azure AI technology to advance the future of pizza ordering and store technology powered by secure, connected data and simplified processes," said Kelly Garcia, Domino's executive VP and CTO. "Our collaboration over the next five years will help us serve millions of customers with consistent and engaging ordering experiences, while supporting our corporate stores, franchisees, and their respective team members with tools to make store operations more efficient and reliable."

"As consumer preferences rapidly evolve, generative AI has emerged as a game changer for meeting new demands and transforming the customer experience. Through our strategic partnership, Domino's continues to be a customer-first leader in the quick service restaurant industry," said Shelley Bransten, Microsoft corporate VP, global retail, consumer goods and gaming industries. "There is no better or more integrated platform than the Microsoft Cloud for delivering an AI-enhanced and connected experience that will drive loyalty and engagement for millions of customers, franchisees, and employees."

Domino’s goes high-tech for order and delivery

Domino’s already offers a number of technology-aided options designed to help make ordering and receiving food items easier. These include Domino's Pinpoint Delivery,” an offering released in June 2023 that allows customers to receive a delivery nearly anywhere, including places like parks, baseball fields and beaches. 

The company recently unveiled two new ordering options via its iOS app on Apple CarPlay, which enables a consumer to control their app using their car radio. A new "Tap to Order” function lets customers submit their saved order or one of their most recent orders, while "Call to Order" allows them to place the order of their choice, hands-free, by talking to a customer service representative.

The retailer’s launch of CarPlay ordering is the latest feature of its “Anyware” ordering platform, which is designed to enable customers to seamlessly place orders from any location via any device. Other examples include text-based ordering.

Domino’s also leverages the Vonage voice API integrated with the Vonage unified communications solution to enhance the customer ordering experience and connect more than 6,000 franchise and corporate locations across the U.S. This includes supporting its “Intelligent Call Manager” solution, which provides personalized support for customers.

Other ordering innovations include Domino's Tracker, which enables customers to see their driver's GPS location, view an estimated time of arrival and receive text alerts about their delivery.

Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., Domino’s operates more than 19,800 stores in over 90 markets.

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