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Dollar General delivers targeted training in small doses

employee at checkout

A major discount retailer is conducting personalized, scalable enterprise training.

Dollar General Corp. is utilizing the training platform and Content Marketplace solution from microlearning technology provider Axonify to enable continuous, personalized business learning and development for its more than 157,000 frontline, supply chain and corporate employees.

As part of a five-year contract, Dollar General will be able to measure how training knowledge is being applied on the job, helping it align employee learning with business objectives. The mobile-enabled Axonify platform will also allow Dollar General to employ a “people-first” device strategy through existing systems and mobile devices. Axonify focuses on frontline training that delivers personalized, bite-sized bursts of learning right in the flow of work.

“In an effort to continue to innovate our training initiatives, we required a modern learning partner that offered personalized, scalable training that fits within the flow of work, engages employees and supports the business while reducing time to train,” said Lori Bremer, Dollar General VP of talent management. “Axonify’s frontline-forward vision was a natural fit for Dollar General as we strive to empower our associates to deliver the very best customer experience.”

Dollar General’s mission of ‘serving others,’ and thereby serving its employees, is absolutely commendable and we are proud to further support that mission as a critical partner,” said Carol Leaman, co-founder and CEO, Axonify. “Whether onboarding a new sales associate, rolling out a new technology or product, or communicating company policies, a modern approach to training that evolves from a one-size-fits-all method is critical for today’s frontline employees.”

Dollar General operated 17,266 stores in 46 states as of February 26, 2021. 

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