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Do consumers support generative AI in marketing?

Consumers have varying opinions on generative AI.

Results of a new survey suggest consumers have mixed views on the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing purposes.

The StoryStream survey of 600 global consumers from the U.S. U.K., Canada and Australia, examined opinions on various aspects of generative AI, especially in the realm of marketing and advertising. Generative AI, which is based on machine learning (ML), can create new content and ideas, including conversations, stories, images, videos, and music.

Almost all (94%) respondents would like to see more transparency and regulation around the use of generative AI technology in marketing and advertising. YTwo-thirds (66%) of respondents believe that generative AI holds the potential to replace human creativity and ingenuity in marketing and advertising.

However, opinions on the ethical implications of utilizing generative AI technology for marketing content creation were split, with only 42% of respondents firmly supporting its use, 34% opposing it, and 24% remaining undecided.

And while more than three-quarters (77%) of respondents believe that generative AI technology will lead to more personalized and relevant marketing experiences, the survey also found that only 51% of respondents were comfortable with the idea, with 29% being opposed, and 20% undecided.

Transparency and regulation were key concerns for respondents. Close to six in 10 (58%) stated that they would be more likely to trust a brand that openly disclosed its use of generative AI in its marketing.

“Excitement – and outright astonishment – at the growing capabilities of generative AI technology is understandably huge,” said Alex Vaidya, CEO of StoryStream. “But while the industry continues to explore the use cases for this powerful new set of tools, it’s perhaps been a little too easy to forget about the opinions of customers and consumers.

The survey also found that six in 10 (59%) respondents hold a generally positive impression of generative AI. Analysis of different age groups revealed that Gen Z respondents were most likely to have a positive impression (74%), while the 55-plus respondent age range exhibited the lowest positivity rate at only 35%.

User-generated content emerged as the most trusted and authentic promotional content format, favored by 45% of respondents. Brand-created content followed at 22%, while AI-generated content garnered a 12% favored rating, surpassing stock imagery and film (8%) and influencer-created content (8%).

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