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Dave & Buster’s streamlines transactions with in-store kiosks

Dave & Buster’s
Dave & Buster’s is upgrading its customer experience.

Customers at Dave & Buster’s will have an easier time ordering and paying for food and drink and loading gaming credit.

The entertainment/restaurant chain is partnering with Diebold Nixdorf to deliver a new kiosk solution that is replacing legacy order and payment hardware and software. Dave & Buster’s decided to overhaul its previous order and payment solution in order to create a more in-store efficiency and offer an intuitive, frictionless customer experience.

Dave & Buster’s determined it needed to implement an interactive kiosk solution that would be compatible with modern operating systems, and offer flexibility to expand its capabilities and evolve with the retailer’s broader digital transformation plans.

In addition, the company had been operating a multi-vendor payment kiosk environment with several points of contact, resulting in excessive complexity. Instead, Dave & Buster’s sought a kiosk partner that could offer a single source for software, hardware, and services.

Initially, the retailer upgraded a pilot store’s legacy order-and-payment hardware and software with 32-inch Diebold Nixdorf kiosks. Dave & Buster’s initial goal was to offer customers more control over their experience, in a strategy to drive long-term loyalty.

The pilot demonstrated that the kiosks saved time and reduced queues, and that customers found them “fun to use.” In addition, by improving in-store efficiency and throughputs, the kiosks enabled associates to focus more on customer service.

The success of the pilot led the company to roll out the pilot to an additional 60 stores. After this expanded deployment, Dave & Buster’s decided to implement Diebold Nixdorf kiosks across its entire fleet of stores during 2022.

“Our promise when you come into a Dave & Buster’s is that you’re going to have fun,” said Dave & Buster’s chief marketing officer Brandon Coleman III. “The new self-service solution from Diebold Nixdorf has really helped us create that: It’s reduced lines, it’s increased spend and people are having a better time with a frictionless experience. At Dave & Buster’s, we’re all about creating a great time for our customers. And one of the things that we see correlates with a great time is an increase in spending. We’re seeing that increase in spend coming from our kiosks.”

“With our new kiosk system, we expect to improve the customer experience and increase our efficiency,” said J.P. Hurtdao, VP and CIO, Dave & Buster’s. “We are very impressed by the quality and design of the hardware and total solution Diebold Nixdorf delivered.”

Dave & Buster’s named ‘brand to watch’

Dave & Busters was recently ranked fourth in the “Top 10 Retail Brands to Watch in 2023” list from foot traffic analytics firm The white paper cited the chain’s acquisition of rival Main Event Entertainment, which caters to families, complementing Dave & Buster's young adult focus. As more people seek out unique activities, says the company’s ability to reach both families and singles through the two brands should serve it well in the new year.

Headquartered in Dallas, Dave & Buster’s operates 144 locations in 40 states.

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