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CSA Q&A: Dick’s Sporting Goods cuts theft with surveillance cameras

Jih-Hao Cheng
Jih-Hao Cheng, director of loss prevention, Dick’s Sporting Goods

Faced with shoplifting and other sources of in-store loss, Dick’s Sporting Goods has responded with camera monitoring.

Chain Store Age recently spoke with Jih-Hao Cheng, director of loss prevention, Dick’s Sporting Goods, about benefits the country’s largest sporting goods retailer has received since installing the Liveview Technologies surveillance camera platform.

Using the Liveview Technologies Platform, Dick’s is able to set up perimeters on its properties. When someone crosses them, store management gets an alert. The camera units come with technology that can sense motion, as well as provide custom sounds and lighting. Dick’s is able to know who's logging in and viewing any camera in the system in real time, track video searches, and monitor system access.

What types of issues was Dick’s Sporting Goods facing with in-store loss and theft?
Like many retailers, we encounter shoplifting and other bad actors in our stores. Our primary focus is making sure that we are providing a safe environment for our associates to work and for our customers to shop. 

What made you select Liveview Technologies as an in-store loss prevention solution?
We began a pilot with Liveview in mid-2019. We chose LiveView because they have a great, reliable product, but what impressed us over time was the level of support we received from the Liveview team. They are always readily available to assist and have gone to great lengths to be an excellent solution provider, and we’ve expanded our work with them as a result.

What benefits does Liveview Technologies provide?
One of the unique advantages of Liveview is its deterrent value. We believe that bad actors are less interested in our store when they see it is well monitored. Also, the cost of using this technology can be less compared to some of the more traditional methods used in this space.

Most importantly, we’ve seen a material positive impact by creating a safer environment for our customers and associates, and supporting law enforcement with the apprehension of bad actors.

Can you share any future plans for the Liveview Technologies solution and/or for loss prevention?
We continue to source and identify strategies and tactics to provide a safer environment for our customers and associates, mitigate losses, and help law enforcement apprehend bad actors. We are constantly measuring the impact of our solutions and thus far, these Liveview units have provided incredible positive insights and impact in our efforts to promote a safe environment in our stores.

More broadly, what advice do you have for retailers facing growing rates of in-store theft?
Continue looking for new, creative and alternative ways to address safety and loss concerns. Develop a strategy to facilitate constant testing and piloting of new solutions, be patient, and be willing to work through it or move in another direction. Finding the right solution provider, such as Liveview, who is willing to work with you is key.

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