CSA Exclusive: Global outdoor retailer ensures store compliance

Outdoor clothing and equipment retailer Fjallraven is sustainably managing safe, secure store openings and operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based in Sweden, Fjallraven is leveraging the Retail Zipline communication platform to directly communicate with employees, and ensure all 35 stores in North America are executing to COVID-19 health and safety standards. As a sustainability-focused organization, the retailer will use Retail Zipline’s resource library for digital documentation and compliance features for communicating and tracking execution of store protocols and health and safety guidelines without need for paper.

For example, Fjallraven used to produce 75-page training binders for every employee. Since switching to Retail Zipline, all pertinent training information has been digitized, eliminating paper waste and making specific information easier to access. And by using the platform to engage store managers, track the execution of daily and weekly activities, and conduct pre-planning for 2021, the retailer successfully opened a new store during the COVID-19 pandemic using digital-only communication.

In addition, the retailer is utilizing the Retail Zipline survey tool to capture feedback from stores. As a result, it has generated an open feedback loop back to headquarters and instilled better communication throughout the organization, ultimately minimizing back-and-forth and driving employee retention.

“As an outdoor brand, we make decisions through the lens of the environment and making the world a better place,” said Sarah Tava, Fjällräven director of brand stores for North America. “Turning to digital-only communications with Retail Zipline was a no-brainer. Beyond the positive environmental impact of going paperless, the platform has given our employees access to a global support system and the tools they need to succeed in their jobs.”

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