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The Container Store organizes customer data for analysis

The Container Store is taking a data-driven approach to understanding its customers’ complete omnichannel journey.

The leading organization and storage products retailer is deploying the Medallia Experience Cloud artificial intelligence-based CRM platform to transform its approach to customer experience. Faced with rapidly changing customer needs, The Container Store seeks to collect customer feedback to improve daily omnichannel operations, both by offering better customer experiences, and more effectively engaging employees. 

Retail chains including Dick’s Sporting Goods and Canadian Tire are also leveraging Medallia Experience Cloud to monitor and analyze customer experience in real time.

“Consumer behavior and the retail experience has changed dramatically. It is more important than ever that we understand the complete experience our customers have with The Container Store, from an in-store experience to our digital platforms,” said Satish Malhotra, CEO of The Container Store. “We are committed to a data-driven approach to understand our customers’ journey so we can continue to provide the highest level of service and ensure we’re a brand known for positive and memorable experiences.”

“At Medallia, our goal is to be the system of record that makes all other systems, processes, and people, customer aware,” said Leslie Stretch, CEO of Medallia. “Satish and The Container Store team have demonstrated their commitment to exceptional customer service through a better understanding of their customers’ evolving needs. We are thrilled to be their technology partner on this journey.”

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