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Consumers trust these three retailers with their data

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Customers place their trust in certain retailers.

Consumers have some serious misgivings about their privacy when using technology, but think their personal data is safe with three specific retailers.

According to the new “Omnifuture” survey of 10,000 U.S. consumer panelists from data and tech market research firm Numerator, respondents generally trust retailers more than big tech companies with their personal privacy and data.  

In particular, respondents find Amazon, Walmart, and Target as the three most trustworthy retailers. PayPal received top trust ratings among big tech companies, while Facebook was rated as the least trustworthy big tech platform.

Survey results reveal that 84% of respondents are concerned about personal information tracking when using technology, and 76% have taken steps to protect online privacy. Of respondents concerned about privacy, 55% believe that technology is becoming too advanced, too quickly.

Other interesting findings about consumer attitudes toward technology include:

  • Three in four respondent households are not using “future technologies” such as direct-to-consumer shopping, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency). One in five respondents believe cryptocurrency makes transactions more secure. Younger, male and higher income respondents are more likely to use future technologies.
  • One in three respondents says technology is too expensive to afford. One in 10 respondents says technology is inaccessible due to three core gaps: physical, geographic and financial. 
  • Respondents that are older (boomers and older and Gen X), female, and suburban show promise in their use of delivery apps (22%), mobile payments (19%) and click-and-collect (14%).
  • Forty-six percent of respondents who are younger, male and high-income have children, making them ideal targets for consumer technology companies as their children represent the next generation of users.

Numerator segmented and surveyed 10,000 panelists in early November 2022 through Numerator Surveys and applied to Numerator’s Insights platform for verified purchase behaviors and tracking. Click here for more information.

Study: Customers find these technology tools helpful

According to a recent Harris poll of more than 2,000 U.S. consumers sponsored by Ricoh, although only 12% of respondents retrieved a package from an intelligent locker during the last year, 77% would consider using one.

In addition, nearly three in four respondents (73%) overall said they would find special online tools or applications that help envision what a product would look like in the actual home or worn on the body helpful when making online purchasing decisions. One in four respondents would find special online tools or apps very helpful.

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