Claire’s to drive new store growth with location-based analytics

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Claire’s Stores Inc. will develop customized sales forecasting models to help make real estate decisions.

The young women’s specialty retailer is deploying customer analytics technology from Intalytics to create foundational inputs for its real estate strategies. Leveraging solutions including the Intalytics SiteIntel location-based analytics engine, Claire’s real estate team will generate sales forecast estimates for any proposed site under consideration. Claire’s plans to enable additional capabilities of the Intalytics platform, including data visualization, custom reporting, and peer site analysis tools.

“Claire’s has tremendous brand recognition and we serve our loyal customers through a diverse set of options including online, boutiques, outlets, and store-in-store locations. Our primary goal is to ensure our ability to meet our customers where they want to shop as the real estate landscape continues to shift,” said Michael Schwindle, CFO, Claire’s. “Intalytics will play a pivotal role as our customer analytics partner, and we look forward to the insights that they will bring to our decision-making processes internally.”

Claire's Stores Inc. operates fully-owned and concession stores in 17 countries throughout North America and Europe, as well as franchise stores in 25 countries in other areas of the globe.