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Christmas Tree Shops achieves independence with new enterprise system

Christmas Tree Shops
Christmas Tree Shops has a new ERP platform.

Christmas Tree Shops is completing its separation from Bed Bath & Beyond by migrating technology operations to a hybrid cloud platform.

The specialty retailer, best known for its bargain-priced home décor and seasonal items, has completed more than 250 hybrid cloud integrations in the past year using the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration platform. Christmas Tree Shops, which was purchased from former corporate parent Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. by Hanil Holdings in November 2020, seeks to improve and accelerate operational and analytical data flow across the enterprise.

The company had a deadline of less than a year from the November 2020 sale to complete enterprise migration, as it needed to be technologically independent with a stable infrastructure before the start of the 2021 holiday shopping season. Leveraging SnapLogic capabilities, CTS has become technologically independent while upgrading and integrating its hybrid-cloud technology operations, all prior to the start of peak holiday season.   

Christmas Tree Shops did not want to lose existing data and information that had been stored in Bed, Bath & Beyond’s systems while performing a quick migration. The company turned to SnapLogic to enable the integration of core legacy systems with new, cloud-based technologies in order to streamline and speed up business processes across enterprise areas including HR, finance, sales, and operations.

As part of the enterprise technology migration, SnapLogic helped Christmas Tree Shops connect an existing time-and-attendance solution used across its 80-plus stores with its recent implementation of Workday HR management software.

The retailer also utilized SnapLogic functionality to gain visibility into near real-time sales during the busy holiday shopping period. Using SnapLogic, the company was able to quickly parse sales from its legacy POS system and provide hourly sales reads within a few days of receiving a request. This capability provided corporate leadership with access to information it would have previously not received until the next day.

“We had a mix of legacy, off-the-shelf, and self-developed systems at the time – some of those systems served our needs well, others less so. It would have been cost-prohibitive to update and integrate all of those systems as we made the split,” said Chris Corbin, VP, enterprise systems at Christmas Tree Shops. “We saw this as an opportunity to modernize our operations and the technology running them, by upgrading core existing systems while at the same time bringing on board newer, best-of-breed cloud technologies that allowed us to explore new opportunities.”

“Ease-of-use coupled with enterprise power has always been at the core of our platform,” said Craig Stewart, chief data officer at SnapLogic. “We’ve architected it such that users of all skill levels across the business can be productive quickly while ensuring the platform holds up to the most complex enterprise integration requirements. We’re thrilled to have helped CTS rebuild its infrastructure during this important transition and look forward to continued partnership.”

The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform features a unified user interface that is powered by Iris AI artificial intelligence technology.

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