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Chinese e-commerce retailer JD launches global express delivery

JD Express Delivery
JD is taking express delivery international.

The logistics arm of a Chinese e-commerce giant is expanding its express delivery service in a big way.

JD Logistics now offers an international express delivery service. The new service marks a significant milestone for JD Logistics, representing both an expansion of its renowned logistics services to the global stage and a key phase in the company’s broader international market expansion.

Building on an offering available in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China, the express delivery service will initially cover 23 countries across North America and Europe, including the U.S., facilitating one-way deliveries from China. Looking ahead, JD Logistics plans to extend the reach of this service throughout China.

Leveraging the company’s express delivery network, customers in China can book doorstep pick-ups on the WeChat messaging app and receive one-hour pick-up by JD in-house couriers, with real-time parcel tracking.

JD Logistics’ overseas warehousing operations already offer same-day fulfillment services in European markets including Germany, the Netherlands, France, the U.K., Spain and Poland, while also providing two-to-three-day delivery across 90% of regions in the U.S.

To support expanded global express delivery, JD Logistics is leveraging its six synergized logistics networks, encompassing warehousing, line-haul transportation, last-mile delivery, bulky item delivery, cold chain logistics, and cross-border logistics.

JD develops proprietary ChatGPT model

JD has been expanding its presence in different areas of the retail enterprise in the past year. In February 2023, the retailer said it would utilize the Yanxi AI platform developed by its JD Cloud division to create an industrial version of the AI-based open-source ChatGPT solution.

Known as ChatJD, the retailer said this application will correct what it says are ChatGPT shortcomings in loyalty, credibility, and accuracy that stem from a lack of vertical industry expertise and issues in its middle and application layers. 

The solution is designed to address application scenarios including customer service, marketing copy and product summaries generation, livestream e-commerce and financial analysis.

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