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Cannabis distributor aims for high visibility

Herbl Solutions is developing an end-to-end supply chain and fulfillment backbone to gain accurate inventory and data insight.

California’s largest cannabis distributor and supply chain solutions company, which services more than 850 storefront and non-storefront retail cannabis licensees, is deploying Blue Yonder’s Luminate digital platform as its foundation. As a result, Herbl intends to obtain accurate inventory visibility, associated data transparency, and greater forecasting performance ensuring the right products get to the right places at the right times. 

Ultimately, Herbl seeks to improve the end-customer retail experience and offer greater growth potential for its retail partners. The company will pair Luminate with enVista’s order management system (OMS) in an effort to accurately handle order management with predictive and prescriptive warehouse management recommendations and accurate forecasts. Herbl will ensure compliance with California’s legal cannabis rules with Metrc regulatory software. 

With this system, Herbl can tag its entire supply chain, enabling track-and-trace from the moment product arrives in a warehouse through delivery to a retailer.

“Our mission at Herbl is to bring outstanding people, processes, and technology together to create a powerful supply chain never before seen in the cannabis space,” said Mike Beaudry, CEO, Herbl. “It’s with this focus on quality that we selected Blue Yonder’s software solution, which will enable efficiencies and growth for our retail and brand partners, and to ultimately help propel our industry forward.”

Herbl will first deploy Blue Yonder’s warehouse management and forecasting solutions on top of the Luminate platform as a high-performance fulfillment backbone. The company will also utilize Blue Yonder’s space planning solution to guide retail customers with more effective merchandising at store level.

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