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Canadian performance apparel brand Duer opens second U.S. store

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A Canadian brand known for its use of natural and sustainable materials in its performance apparel is branching out in the United States.

Duer has opened a 1,850-sq.-ft. space in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles. The store combines experiential and sensory elements to reflect the natural and sustainable materials such as plants, trees, wood chips and recycled plastic bottles that make up 95% of the brand’s garments.

Interactive and experiential design has been in Duer’s DNA since it opened its store in Vancouver, which featured a product testing ground also known as the performance playground. Currently, it has four stores in Canada. In 2020, Duer opened its first U.S. storefront, in Denver.

"Opening a dedicated storefront in Los Angeles has always been the plan,” said Gary Lenett, co-founder of Duer. "For a few reasons, the most significant being our e-commerce and wholesale businesses showcasing a built-in fan base and demand in the LA area, our greatest opportunity for growth in this region is now."

In addition to its direct-to-consumer business, Duer has a wholesale presence in 27 countries in North America and Europe. Its U.S. retail partners range from Nordstrom to REI.

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