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Brazilian fashion retailer Renner optimizes inventory with RFID

Brazil’s Renner is utilizing RFID in the back and front ends.

One of the largest fashion retailers in Brazil is leveraging RFID technology to obtain accurate inventory data.

Renner is deploying the RFID-based inventory intelligence solution from Sensormatic Solutions, a Johnson Controls company. After implementing the Sensormatic technology across all its stores, Renner has seen an 87% reduction in stockouts and a 64% increase in inventory accuracy. ¹

According to Renner, it has tagged more than 500 million of its products with Sensormatic RFID technology, enabling over 4 million item-level readings daily. In addition to increasing the volume and quality of its data, the retailer can now better optimize the route each product takes from distribution center to stores, with greater visibility.

RFID also enables access to real-time data management and product availability, providing accurate inventory information. For example, Renner can now see which items were taken into the fitting room and if they eventually sold or not. Additionally, in-store and online shoppers can have better visibility of where a desired product is located.

Renner uses a single item-level RFID label to support data capture as well as security applications, eliminating the need for additional labels. The retailer has also implemented RFID at the checkout, in an effort to eliminate the need for barcode readings and improve customer service. RFID alarm pedestals placed at store entrances aid loss prevention.

“By leveraging greater inventory intelligence across our physical and online channels, we boosted our omnichannel strategy and digital sales,” said Alexandre Ribeiro, risks director at Renner. “Additionally, with Sensormatic Solutions RFID technology, we have a single source of truth for inventory data which allows our sales associates the ability to process our inventory in a matter of hours on a monthly basis, rather than annually.”

“The success achieved by Renner is an important sign for Brazilian retailers to see RFID as strategic for their business,” said Maya Sumiya, country manager for Sensormatic Solutions in Brazil. “With our technology, retailers can improve inventory accuracy, maximize on-floor availability, and reduce out-of-stocks to boost cross-channel selling fulfillment, build brand loyalty and optimize the shopping experience.”

Lululemon optimizes product availability via RFID

Lululemon Athletica is also deploying a new RFID platform in hopes of obtaining real-time product information. The athleisure, accessories and footwear brand is rolling out the Nedap iD Cloud RFID solution in an effort to maximize the availability of products at its more than 600 global stores. Lululemon is utilizing Nedap RFID technology in an effort to provide real-time inventory data so that stores can have the right product assortment available on their floors.

This capability, in turn, will help support a seamless customer experience across brick-and-mortar and digital channels. 

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